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Vitra WC Frame 760 Reduced Height


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VitrA’s short Wall Hung Toilet Frame and Cistern Pack is designed with convenience in mind. It is perfect for any installation where space is a premium, as it can be adjusted to fit upon installation – making it versatile enough to suit many different bathroom layouts. The frame also comes complete with a tiling guide, providing an easy and accurate installation process. The cistern pack is designed with a dual flush system, allowing you to save water every time you flush. In addition, VitrA’s wall hung toilet frame and cistern pack also features an easy access panel for maintenance purposes, making it easy to clear blockages or perform other repairs if needed.

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The VitrA short WC frame is only compatible with several of their flush plates:

  • Loop T
  • Loop O
  • Loop R
  • Sirius

VitrA flush plates come in a range of stylish colours, from the popular matt black which has taken the bathroom design world by storm to classic chrome for an elegant look that never goes out of fashion. In public spaces or bathrooms where they receive a lot of use, stainless steel flush plates are the ideal solution – not only do they provide an added weight for extra durability but they also prevent any nasty fingerprints from showing up on the surface. Whether you’re looking for a timeless look or something to give your bathroom a modern twist, there’s a VitrA flush plate to suit every style and taste.

This wall-hung toilet installation offers many benefits over traditional models such as easy maintenance and cleaning due to its open-access design underneath the bowl. It also adds more floor space to your bathroom which can help make small spaces feel larger and more comfortable. Additionally, if you have any windows or skylights present in your bathroom, this type of plumbing fixture will keep them unobstructed which can help increase natural light into the area and make it brighter overall. Finally, since this type of installation requires no floor-mounted elements like pipes or tanks it looks neater as everything is tucked away behind the wall where it can’t be seen – giving you a tidier-looking end result!

Rapid: Solid wall
Front wall: Lightweight construction
Back wall: Brick construction
Dual flush, top and front flush 3/6ltrs
430 x 155-210 x 750 – 1080mm
0.2 – 10 bar
Weight: 14.5kg
Not suitable with rimless pans

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Frame & Cistern, Cistern only