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Radiator Valves

We have a wide range of radiator valves that will not only add a final elegant finishing touch to your radiator or heated towel rail setup, but allow it to run more efficiently.

A radiator valve lets you manage the heat of each radiator, meaning that you can set a different temperature in every room of the home.

As well as traditional manual radiator valves, we also supply thermostatic radiator values, which are also known as TRV’s. TRV’s are self-regulated, meaning that they sense the air temperature in each room and adjust the flow of hot water into the radiator accordingly. They are more energy-efficient and mean that you do not have to spend time adjusting the flow manually.

A radiator valve is on display at the front of the radiator, so it has to look good. We offer a wide range of styles and finishes, including chrome, nickel and anthracite.

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