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What bath sizes are available?

You can completely transform your bathroom by replacing an old tub with a new one. But it pays to know what bath sizes might work for your space, whether you’re installing it as part of a brand-new bathroom project or to replace a functional but drab version with a show-stopping statement bath or a more […]

How to replace a toilet seat

Do you want to upgrade the seat on your porcelain throne? These tips and tricks will have you sitting pretty in no time. Toilet seats usually do not last as long as toilets themselves. In most cases, a toilet seat lasts just five years before it cracks, shifts during use, or becomes hopelessly stained. It […]

What bathroom taps are best for me?

Taps are integral to any bathroom—not just functionally but visually as well. With thousands of different tap designs, the sheer choice can be overwhelming. Could there be a way for you to save a bit of money while fixing your leaky bath tap? We’ll explore how to choose bathroom taps in this post. Types of […]

Copper vs Plastic Pipes for my Next Project?

Ladies and gentleman, introducing our contenders. In this corner we have a heavyweight that has been around since about 2150 B.C. when it was first used to carry water; a sturdy old man that used to rule the world of plumbing, I give you…Copper. And the challenger, straight out of pre-war Germany, the new kid […]

Must-Have Plumbing Tools for Beginners

A plumbing career can be very rewarding and exciting. Traveling, installation, repair, maintenance, and waste disposal are just some of the various exploits associated with the trade. To do all of the aforementioned tasks, requires tools. Let’s unclog this dilemma and look at what a good set of must have plumbing tools for beginners should […]

How to Find a Plumber Near Me

Finding a good and trustworthy plumber near you is serious business when you have an emergency that’s causing a neighbourhood stink, or a mini tsunami in your home. Your family’s health is directly linked to your water and amenities, so when an emergency arises you don’t have time for DIY and Youtube videos, you want […]

What is a Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

At some point or another, we’ve all heard a fire alarm go off in a building, most likely (and fortunately) just as fire drill. However, carbon monoxide alarms are particularly important when it comes to ensuring our safety. That’s why we’ll be taking a look at carbon monoxide alarms – the safest and most effective […]

Best Quality Bathroom Supplies for Summer 2019

Summer time is when most of us will start to think about inviting family and friends over to enjoy the warmer weather. So this means it’s the perfect opportunity to get the house looking sparkling and give a good impression. A clean and tidy bathroom will certainly keep your guests happy and make them feel […]

Plumleys Celebrates 1 year Anniversary!

We are excited to be celebrating our 1-year Anniversary this year since we first opened our doors to the public in July 2018. We’d like to thank all of our loyal customers. Rather than send us a birthday card, why not come and set up your own Trade account? From sinks to showers, copper fittings […]

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