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Best Quality Bathroom Supplies for Summer 2019

Summer time is when most of us will start to think about inviting family and friends over to enjoy the warmer weather. So this means it’s the perfect opportunity to get the house looking sparkling and give a good impression. A clean and tidy bathroom will certainly keep your guests happy and make them feel comfortable. To keep up with the evergrowing bathroom design trends, there are plenty of must-have bathroom essentials to think about investing with. No matter what size suite you have at home, there are many new bathroom supplies to help keep your space organised and refreshed while suit your existing style.

Here is a quick guide to the Best quality Bathroom supplies trending this Summer 2019.

Mrs Hinch’s Famous Minky Cloth

Cleaning guru and Blogger sensation Mrs Hinch calls the Minky Cloth her absolute favourite item from her Brand. Sophie Hinchlife is a “Cleanfluencer” from Essex, who shot to fame last year after sharing her easy cleaning tips on Social Media. The Minky antibacterial cleaning cloth is ideal for quickly removing stains and marks, as well as grease and grime with its microfibre pad material. Each cloth has been treated with antibacterial protection to prevent the growth of bacteria. It is a highly affordable homecare accessory, providing seven times more cleaning power than the standard microfibre cloth. The Minky has become the most coveted cleaning utensil in the UK, with thousands sold across our highstreet stores. 

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Bathroom Vanity Unit

A bathroom vanity unit is perfect for keeping everyday bathroom items neat and tidy. When you’re in the middle of the weekday morning rush, a vanity unit makes it quick and easy to find your essentials. The vanity unit sits typically sits under the basin, creating a much more organised and functional room. They’re an ideal and affordable storage solution, excellent for holding your various bathroom items. What’s more, you can wave goodbye to those unsightly pipes because your vanity unit will perfectly conceal them. Bathroom Vanity units come in a wide range of modern and traditional designs to choose from.

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Organiser Accessories

The hottest bathroom accessory for Bathrooms this Summer are item organisers. These practical solutions are designed to solve common bathroom problems, with innovative and stylish designs to choose. Item organisers will make your life easier when using your bathroom, from a simple soap dish, a modern hand wash holder, to an integral storage compartment where you can neatly conceal your daily beauty products. They are a must-have accessory for any contemporary bathroom!

Engineered Quartz Sinks

Your bathroom basin is one of the first things your guests will see, so it’s important it blends well with your suite style. The engineered quartz sink has become the latest trend for bathroom designs. They boast a solid and attractive look, with consistent coloration throughout.  In addition, their incredibly durable material doesn’t require sealing and offers a surface resistant to stains, scratches and cracks. Quartz sinks are super easy to clean and are built to last for longer. They come in a wide range of colours to compliment your existing bathroom decor.

Automatic Air Purifier

If you’re looking to fill your bathroom suite with a charming fresh scent, these Automatic room fragrances will do the job for you. Their battery-operated designs are able to create a longer lasting, time-released fragrance suitable for any room. So you can keep your bathroom smelling clean, refreshed and inviting. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about buying a new at the end, just simply get a refill fragrance to insert. They come in a range of stylish designs that’ll compliment the decor of your suite beautifully. You can choose your favourite summer suite scent, from Floral, Fruity, Spicy and Tropical. They’ll also help neutralise any odours you don’t want in the bathroom!

Overhead Fixed Showerhead

By replacing your shower with an overhead fixed showerhead, you can create a luxurious rainshower sensation. This drench-style showerhead is ideal for any size bathroom, while those integrated into the ceiling are best suited for larger and contemporary suites. The difference with this type of showerhead is that they use gravitational flow instead of a pressurised design. They are easy to install in just a few minutes and offer a much more elegant appearance. In addition, the rain shower heads provide wider coverage than a pressurised head. It also makes you feel more relaxed because they have a much more gentler and smooth flow.


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